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The customer: social responsibility throughout relationship

Quality policy

Crédit Foncier has implemented a Quality policy with the aim of setting itself apart through the high degree of satisfaction of its customers and partners. To this end, Crédit Foncier aims to put customer and partner satisfaction at the heart of its strategy. Telephone assistance quality surveys and internal audits are conducted regularly at points of sale that have adopted ISO 9001:2008. In 2014, the priorities were to improve telephone assistance as well as customer support with the distribution of flyers.

Responsible sales practices

Extensive risk management and analysis of each customer’s financial situation are applied to new customer relationships, whenever a product is purchased and over the life of the contract.


Des pratiques de vente responsable

Today, nearly all loans offered to individual customers are fixed-rate loans. Variable-rate loans are offered to customers that are well-informed, such as private investors. Internal systems require customers to be assisted in putting together and understanding their applications (explanatory documentation, record of supporting documents provided by the customer, tutorial software explaining the application). An “Insurance” component gives customers access to all of the information needed to make their decision.

Measuring customer satisfaction

The customer and partner (broker) satisfaction survey is fully in line with Crédit Foncier’s Quality policy.


La mesure de la satisfaction clients

Its aim is to measure the perceived quality of the overall relationship, from the initial sales contact to after-sales service. These results help to identify strengths and weaknesses, which we can use to develop improvement initiatives. The customer quality indicator (CQI) was 7.5/10 for individual customers and 7.5/10 for real estate investors and public entities. In 2014, for the first time, the CQI results were taken into account when calculating the incentives awarded to the staff concerned.

Customer complaint policy

The procedure for processing complaints was completely revised and redesigned in 2014 so that high-quality and clear responses are provided immediately. Moreover, an “Ombudsman Charter”, indicating in which situations an ombudsman should be called up and how to do so, has been made available to customers in Credit Foncier branches. Customers who have filed complaints are surveyed periodically, and outgoing calls are monitored. The individual customer complaint process is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Preventing over-indebtedness

For several years, Crédit Foncier has been implementing a policy to prevent over-indebtedness, particularly through the establishment of a unit to assist customers experiencing occasional financial hardship and to review solutions aimed at making them creditworthy again. This unit is especially active when a natural disaster strikes: more attention is paid to customers who require one or more repayment date extensions due to the extra time needed for insurance appraisals and reimbursements.