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Controlling our impact on the environment

In 2007, Crédit Foncier committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year.


Carbon Footprint figures

Carbon Footprint figures (Greenhouse gas emissions have declined since 2011)

Crédit Foncier’s energy consumption


Electricity: – 21 %

13 million kWh of electricity consumed in 2014 (versus 16.5 million kWh in 2013)


Gas: – 53 %

1.9 million kWh of gas consumed in 2014 (versus 2.4 million kWh in 2013)


Fuel oil: – 19 %

73,699 million litres of fuel oil consumed in 2014 (versus 156,630 million litres in 2013)

Réseau de chaleur

Heating network: – 40 %

1.9 million kWh of heat consumed in 2014 (versus 3.2 million kWh in 2013)

An initiative to reduce electricity consumption: focus on the Cube 2020 competition

With the aim of committing to a proactive approach, Crédit Foncier decided to enter its Rives de Bercy building in the first edition of the CUBE 2020 competition. The nationwide contest aims to reduce energy consumption over a year, compared to consumption for the previous year.

Crédit Foncier - Charenton-le-pont

With a 14% reduction in its energy consumption. Crédit Foncier ranked third of 20 comparable buildings in its category. It therefore received the Bronze medal on 18 March 2015.