Engaging employees in general interest projects


Call for internal projects

In 2010, Crédit Foncier decided to encourage employee commitment by supporting the associations they are personally involved in.

Dotation du Crédit Foncier

Over the last five years, the call for projects has motivated 41 employees to submit projects, while 43 associations have been supported and 65 projects received support. These projects promote general interests such as healthcare, international aid, culture, solidarity and child protection. In May 2014, the employee panel selected 12 projects to receive financial support that could potentially be supplemented by “sponsorship days” during employees’ working hours. Training on “How to create and run an association” rounds out this policy. The budget allocated this year amounts to €63,000 and 28 “sponsorship days”.

Associations day

Crédit Foncier highlighted its employees’ commitment by hosting an associations day, which provides them with an opportunity to publicise the associations they support. Held every year at the Charenton-le-Pont administrative head office, this day brings together volunteer associations and partners, raising all of our employees’ awareness about the projects carried out under the call for projects and partnerships.

International solidarity leave

The “Planète Urgence” association, which has been recognised for working in the public interest, provides support to over 500 organisations in countries of the Global South. It proposes two-week assignments for employee volunteers to take on during their holidays.

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Crédit Foncier makes a financial contribution to the trip (transport, accommodations, food) and supports employees in their assignments. In 2014, four new employees took part in this programme.

Skills sponsorship

Crédit Foncier offers employees over 58 years of age the opportunity to benefit from a policy allowing them to contribute their professional skills to a community initiative, with the intention ensuring they make a smooth transition from work to retired life. Established in 2014, this policy allows employee volunteers to work with associations on assignments that can last up to nine months full-time and at full pay. The associations are chosen in line with the company’s core business.