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Financing investors and real estate professionals

Real estate investors and professionals: financing tailored to the needs of all

Crédit Foncier is a key player in financing property investments made by the private sector. Crédit Foncier helps two types of private operators carry out their business.

  • Private investors, whether they are financial companies, investment funds, property investors, OPCI (French real estate mutual funds)…Crédit Foncier finances, through medium- and long-term loans, all types of corporate property assets and residential properties: corporate property (offices, shopping centres, warehouses-logistics centres, etc.), nursing homes for the elderly, tourism and leisure residences and student housing. It also offers leasing operations with Locindus, in which Crédit Foncier has a 74.68% stake.
  • Real estate professionals at the national and regional level (real estate developers, property brokers, land developers and subdivision developers, etc.): Crédit Foncier’s offer includes short-term financing and all solutions and guarantees needed to structure property transactions. Crédit Foncier’s offer includes products for financing new housing, whether social structures or rental investments or managed structures (senior living, student housing, leisure), or existing homes. It also offers finance for major commercial properties (office buildings, commercial spaces, logistics platforms, etc.). Socfim, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, is a property professional that is responsible for this activity. Crédit Foncier is positioned as one of the leaders in financing real estate development in France, thanks to the expertise of Socfim and the territorial know-how of the regional banks of Groupe BPCE (the Caisses d’Epargne and Banque Populaire banks).

Crédit Foncier has renowned expertise in arranging finance including the syndication services catering to entities within Groupe BPCE and external clients.

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Discover Crédit Foncier’s entire financing offer designed for real estate investors at creditfoncier.fr.