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Making housing a vehicle for progress

Specialist in homeownership for low-income families

Crédit Foncier’s expertise has enabled it to develop personalised solutions that make it easier for individuals to purchase their first home.


Crédit Foncier is one of the leading lenders to modest- and middle-income households, especially with loans for low-income families and with interest-free loans.

Loans for low-income families (PAS) are reserved for first-time home buyers under certain income conditions. The PAS can be used to finance up to 100% of the purchase of new or existing homes with variable monthly instalments.

Interest-free loans (PTZ) are reserved for first-time home buyers under certain income conditions. The PTZ can be used to finance part of a home purchase. Interest is paid by the government, which sets the eligibility criteria.

Supporting seniors' financing

Crédit Foncier helps seniors stay in their homes by providing a financial solution to adapt homes for an ageing population. The reverse mortgage (PVH) enables people over the age of 65 to release cash from their homes, while retaining ownership and use of their property.

Supporting local and regional housing policies

Crédit Foncier supports local authorities who want to help as many of their constituents as possible to purchase their first homes by transforming their subsidies into loans, normally at 0% interest rates (Foncier DUO Collectivités Locales) or by paying a portion of monthly payments during the first five years of the loan (Foncier Plus Collectivités Locales).


With regard to home energy renovation, Crédit Foncier has also developed a specific product for jointly-owned properties. With the Copro 100 loan, joint owners can take out a joint 3- to 20-year loan for renovations. The Foncier Copro Avance de Subventions loan provides joint owners with pre-financing for public subsidies.

Crédit Foncier is also a key player in financing social housing. Throughout France, Crédit Foncier assists with financing the real estate projects of local authorities, associations, foundations and social housing landlords. In this capacity, it finances the construction or renovation of nursing homes for the elderly (EHPADs), housing for students, young workers or disabled persons as well as institutions providing assisted employment for the disabled (ESATs).

In addition, advising and informing local authorities on “green” projects are essential for Crédit Foncier. It supports local authorities in designing and implementing systems, subsidies and/or loans to improve the energy efficiency of housing units, in compliance with the 2012 French Regulation on Energy Efficiency for HVAC Systems in New Buildings and the requirements for Low Energy Building (BBC) certification. In this way, Crédit Foncier contributes to the “Eco-renovation” and “Eco-neighbourhoods” commitments made under the Grenelle building plan, with a focus on homeownership.

Encouraging “green” projects

For individuals

Crédit Foncier offers a wide range of solutions.



Interest-free eco-loans (Eco-PTZ): created in accordance with the Grenelle environmental law, this regulated loan finances home energy renovations to reduce energy consumption.

Overall cost approach: an approach that takes the future savings of a more energy-efficient home into account when calculating the borrower’s debt capacity.

Liberté Photovoltaïque loan: this product finances the installation of solar panels on residential rooftops.

Foncier Energy Renovation loan: this loan finances renewable energy systems (heat pumps, solar panels, solar water heaters and wind turbines).

For real estate investors and professional customers

Crédit Foncier brings its expertise, services and financing solutions to carbon-free projects for its institutional clients including companies, developers and investors. The Delta Green offer (created in partnership with Lefèvre Pelletier & Associés) is a tailored tool for carrying out plans to reduce the energy impact of properties.

Crédit Foncier finances Villages Nature geothermal heating project

Villages NatureA new ecotourism complex called Villages Nature, located near Disneyland Paris, will be heated with renewable geothermal energy.

Using hot water drawn from the Dogger aquifer in the lowland area around Paris, the new geothermal plant will power heating and the hot water supply for all cottages and facilities, including the future lagoon. This power plant should also cover a portion of the heating needs of Disneyland Paris.

Crédit Foncier structured the financing necessary for all investment in this project. For this complex transaction (a single contract for two concessions), Crédit Foncier assumed the role of arranger, agent for the co-lenders, and hedging bank, alongside Caisse d’Épargne Île-de-France and BPI France Financement.