Property finance for individuals

Financing individuals: finance tailored to everyone

As a specialist in financing individuals, Crédit Foncier offers property lending solutions adapted to the diversity of situations in the residential sector: new housing, existing homes or financing renovations.

This activity covers three broad segments in the residential property market: main residence, second home and rental investment.

To finance these projects, Crédit Foncier has developed a wide range of regulated loans and loans that can be paid back throughout the life of the loan or in full at maturity.

Crédit Foncier is on of the leaders in social homeownership in France, distributing regulated loans, particularly the PAS (Prêt à l’Accession Sociale), i.e. Loans for low-income families.

With this in mind, Crédit Foncier:

  • grants loans with long maturities (more than 20 years) that allows borrowers with the most modest incomes to increase their property purchasing power;
  • manages the accumulation of several loans, often necessary when financing a real estate project;
  • establishes partnerships with local authorities to encourage social homeownership in their jurisdictions.

In addition, Crédit Foncier supports the ageing population by offering older customers tailored products including the development of reverse mortgages in 2007. This type of loan is designed for people 65 and older and allows them to generate liquidity from their property assets.

The individual finance business line is rooted in a multi-channel network of 218 branches in France, 7,000 business partners in the real estate sector, business providers (real estate agents, developers, builders, wealth managers, etc.) and an Internet platform.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, Crédit Foncier also develops synergies with the group’s retail bank networks (the Caisses d’Epargne and Banque Populaire banks) by offering customers in these networks property loan products with long maturities.

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