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Banco Primus

Banco Primus is a Portuguese bank created in 2005 specialising in innovative financing solutions on the loan restructuring market and for raising capital backed by mortgage loans.

Since 2005, it has extended its product offer on the market, with the launch of automobile finance services including lending, leasing and long-term leasing. Its target market includes individuals, professionals and very small businesses.

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Ecole Nationale du Financement de l’Immobilier

Created in 2009, the ENFI, a subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, is an authorised training centre whose purpose is to support all professionals in search of new expertise on real estate markets and financing property.

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Compagnie de Financement Foncier

Compagnie de Financement Foncier is a credit institution licensed as a financial company and société de crédit foncier. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, its purpose is to finance mortgage and public-sector lending for its parent company as well as the entire Groupe BPCE.

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Locindus, created in 1968 and listed in 1970, is a lending institution authorised as a financial company. It is specialised in property leasing, mortgage lending and long-term leasing.

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Crédit Foncier Immobilier

Crédit Foncier Immobilier, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, develops a platform of services including consultancy for major landlords, corporates, real estate professionals and individuals to support them in assessing the value of their property assets.

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Socfim, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, is the second biggest lender to property developers and, more broadly, real estate professionals (developers, property brokers, subdivision developers, fund operators).

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