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Ecole Nationale du Financement de l’Immobilier (the National School of Real Estate Financing)


Created in 2009, the ENFI, a subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, is an authorised training centre whose purpose is to support all professionals in search of new expertise on real estate markets and financing property.

Capitalising on the historic expertise of the parent company in the area of property lending, ENFI is a partner recognised by developers, residential homebuilders, real estate agents, property administrators and brokers. Throughout the years, tailored programmes have been developed for banking and insurance groups.

The ENFI also offers training programmes to decision-makers (executives, administrative and financial directors, facilities managers) in charge of managing and optimising corporate property assets in the private, public or medical/social sectors.

Now, the ENFI’s areas of expertise cover a wide spectrum of topics including residential lending, financing corporate property assets, property assessment and valuation and property law and regulation.

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