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Socfim, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, is the second biggest lender to property developers and, more broadly, real estate professionals (developers, property brokers, subdivision developers, fund operators).

Its services are delivered by a team of specialists and receive support from the territorial expertise of the BPCE banking network.

Socfim celebrated 20 years of being in business, which provided an opportunity to take a look back at its history and its position on different property markets.

Well-known by major property developers and regional players, Socfim finances their new housing projects throughout France, including both social housing (ownership and renting) as well as managed products (senior living, student housing, leisure).

It is also active on the existing-home segment, on behalf of property brokers and property investment funds, who thus contribute to renewing existing properties.

At present, Socfim contributes to the financing of nearly 24,000 housing units, including over 9,000 as part of operations launched in 2012.

Socfim teams were also able to make inroads in the area of financing major commercial property transactions. In recent years, Socfim has been increasingly active in the businesses of office space, commercial property and logistics platforms.

The financial and property expertise of the men and women of Socfim is a major asset on this demanding market.

Key figures

3,6bn Socfim manages (as of January 2013) €3.6bn in commitments (loans and letters of credit), 1/3 on its own behalf and 2/3 on behalf of Groupe BPCE entities (CFF, Caisses d’Epargne, Banque Populaire banks, Banque Palatine, etc.)
€1,4bn With annual production of around €1.4bn (2013 target) Socfim is the leader on this market
24,000 With over 24,000 housing units and 1.3 million square metres in commercial property (offices, stores, warehouses, etc.), total business activity stood at €9.7bn as of 12/31/2012.
€8,6 million Our pre-tax earnings in 2012 came out to €8.6 million


Business lines and expertise

Socfim offers its employees development opportunities in expert business lines. A team of 65 specialists, covering all business lines involved in financing property professionals, has skills in the following areas:

  • Sales development (front office)
  • Management and legal (middle office)
  • Banking services (back office)
  • Risks, permanent control and compliance
  • Accounting, financial control, finance, IT and HR, etc. (support activities)

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